There is a pursuit we all share; not having to deal with spammers. The promise of a clean spam-free web.

With that in mind, I'm pleased to announce that we released a new version of the Mollom plugin for WordPress. Mollom is an anti-spam solution for websites that offers some unique features not available in other solutions like Akismet. For example, the new Mollom plugin for WordPress ships with complete support for the Mollom Content Moderation Platform — enabling you to moderate all of your WordPress sites from a single unified interface.

This is a great feature for organizations that have many sites. If you have 20 WordPress sites and 10 Drupal sites, you can now moderate these sites from a single user interface that offers powerful moderation workflows.

The new WordPress plugin leverages Mollom's PHP library that implements Mollom REST API. The library is the basis for the Mollom module for Drupal but was designed to be reused by other systems. If you have a content management system other than Drupal or WordPress, you can also connect it with the Mollom Content Moderation Platform.

Give it a try! You may like it.


rickdonohoe (not verified):

It's good to see Mollom expanding and this post has reminded me of a question I've been asked...

Yesterday a client asked me if they could try a new alternative to Mollom as they had found something which said "Click the Koala" and you had to choose the correct picture.

After failing to recognise the plugin I could most likely assume that Mollom would most be better and more reliable, but I can see the attraction to something which is a bit more user friendly.

Is there any way to choose between a number of different options for the CAPTCHA? If not it is definitely something I would be interested to see in future developments!