The website of McDonald's Australia is using Drupal. I'm lovin' it!

Mcdonalds australia


chrispomeroy (not verified):

Having never seen a McDonald's outside of USA and parts of Europe, I recently visited Australia and found the McDonald's there very interesting. "McCafe", an elite hamburger cafe! I even thought about eating there in the airport (but didn't)!

McDonald's is master at continuing to rebrand and reinvent themselves.

Arancaytar (not verified):

It is great to hear about more big names using Drupal, but this particular site design isn't so stunning. It's a typical brochure, heavy on graphics and low on text, interactivity or accessible navigation.

They could have done this much without Drupal, and far more than this with Drupal. ;)

Sebastian (not verified):

Actually, they have those McCafes in Europe as well. My impression is, that they're mainly mushrooming around the motorways.

Rich (not verified):

That McDonalds site is simply awful.

Anonymous (not verified):

Had a little poke around the website source code. It's a shame they haven't used any CSS/JS aggregation and minification.

Also, putting scripts below body content is a good idea too.

Otherwise, very flashy (sorry...) site.