Not only is there a new tour, but, the official site for fans of the King of Pop, has just re-launched, featuring some new community-oriented features and some old-school graphics from back in the day. was built using Drupal by the good folks at Sony Music. They are also using Mollom to protect against comment and forum post spam. Moonwalks!

Michael jackson


Wadworth Waxstrong (not verified):

Hey, people! Cut those comments off, please... I am most proud of citizens of the Drupal Community for being logical, considerate, understanding, courteous, and kind, especially in their comments and in forum discussions. I don't want it to be changed nor ended just because Michael Jackson put up his site on Drupal.

Am I making any sense? Well, I believe in the power of our community and right now, Dries is probably very busy in DCDC and have no time to moderate comments on all of his posts. I mean, there are lots of more useful thing to do like helping the plans for Drupal 7 to push through.

Let's just calm down and try to be reasonable in admiring and/or constructively critiquing the site made with Drupal and not the person whom the site was made for. I'm just trying to help here, and I'm not against anyone nor intend to be. Thank you! ; )

Jon (not verified):

To clear the record I think Michael Jackson is a legend in his own right.

As for his website being in Drupal, whoot! Unfortunately I think the design really lets it down, its tacky and there is a lack of attention to detail, not a good example of a 'good' site.

For example submit your answer in the poll, the confirmation is ordinary.

Come on people, Drupal does so much for you giving you the chance to spend time on making websites that are pleasing to the eye and functionally sound!

Jonathan Wagener (not verified):

Hmmm, dont like the site - it is a poor design as @Jon says "tacky". Pity because Drupal allows you the ability to be really creative, perhaps they need a new design agency :P

Anonymous (not verified):

Awww amazing. I wonder if Michael got to view the new site before it launched. Is Madonna's site developed using Drupal too?

Wish I could have seen the new site design using Drupal before his untimely death. They now have like a twitter stream like thing for fans to post their memories on the site.