Mike Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City, is using Drupal for his website at https://www.mikebloomberg.com/.

Mike bloomberg


Anonymous (not verified):

Wow! Just because he is using it doesn't mean he is endorsing it. He probably hired someone to make this website. So it was the web developer who chose to use Drupal. wopdee


That is why I wrote "Mike Bloomberg using Drupal" and not "Mike Bloomberg endorsing Drupal".

MacMladen (not verified):

You people are quite strange! I envy you for the time you have for nonsense.

It is just a fact that he is using it. It has nothing to do with endorsement!

The site is just one nice example of Drupal usage, hence the mention.

Personally, I like when design does not stand in a way of information. This one could be prettier and information better presented, of course, but this way it simply does what it is supposed to do: pass the information.

And yes, it is nice to know that they used Drupal!

Jack Mardack (not verified):

I'm sure the credit for choosing Drupal goes to some geek in Mr. Bloomberg's employ. But (the headline made me realize) that it would be very interesting to hear any candidate try to resonate with the Open Source Community, perhaps by citing its ideological principles, or maybe just by being aware of its existence. I suppose it would probably be the Democrats who'd try that first, LOL.