Dries Buytaert

MIT's Emerging Technologies Conference

Funny anecdote: I was waiting backstage to go on stage for my TR35 elevator pitch on Drupal at MIT's Emerging Technologies Conference, scheduled to be directly after Craig Mundie's keynote presentation. (Craig is one of the two people that replace Bill Gates now he is retired.) When he walked off the stage, he stopped and jokingly said "Good luck, I warmed up the audience for you.". He probably didn't know that I was going to talk about Open Source software. ;-)

Either way, it is a great testament for all of us who work on Drupal that MIT recognizes Drupal as an important emerging technology, and that we are now on the radar of even more great technology leaders. Rock on!

Cloud computing panel
From left to right: Dan Farber (Editor in Chief, CNET), David P. Anderson (Professor, University of Berkeley, SETI@home), Matthew Glotzbach (Product Management Director, Google), Parker Harris (Executive Vice President Technology, Salesforce.com), Mendel Rosenblum, (Chief Scientist and Cofounder, VMware), and Werner Vogels (Chief Technology Officer, Amazon).
Future of mobile panel
From left to right: Erika Jonietz (Senior Editor, Technology Review), Elizabeth Altman (Vice President of Strategy and Business Development, Motorola Mobile Devices), Kevin Lynch (Chief Technology Officer, Adobe Systems), Masaaki Maeda (President and CEO, DoCoMo), and Rich Miner (Group Manager, Mobile Platforms and Android, Google).
Craig mundie
Craig Mundie, Microsoft's Chief Research and Strategy Officer.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

— Dries Buytaert