Dries Buytaert

Mollom and Moovum

Benjamin and I are excited to announce Mollom's first formal software partnership with Moovum, a new company founded by a number of past and present Joomla! core developers.

In collaboration with Mollom, Moovum has developed a world-class Mollom plugin for Joomla! that they've christened Moovur. Through Moovur, Mollom is able to fight more spam, and we hope to welcome many Joomla! users to the Mollom service. Thanks to Mollom's ability to learn to combat new spam techniques based on user feedback, our existing users on other platforms also benefit as we expand our user base.

This extension replaces the previous Mollom extension for Joomla (called Jollom) which was not being maintained properly. As an official Mollom Software Partner, Moovum is committed to help maintain, update and improve Moovur to give Joomla! users the best tools to fight spam and to help moderate their site's content. Mollom and Moovum will continue to work together to test and deploy new versions of the extension and to make sure that our users get the best possible service.

Both Moovum and Moovur are described in Moovum's press release and is available in release candidate from the Moovur download page. Moovur can be downloaded for free and comes with extensive end-user documentation as well as with development documentation that enables 3rd party developers to implement Moovur and Mollom into their solution with only a few lines of code. In the upcoming weeks the Moovum team will focus on the introduction of Moovur and work with 3rd party Joomla! developers to implement Moovur into their plugins.

Other companies or CMS vendors interested in offering Mollom to their users, please contact us about Mollom's new Software Partner Program.

— Dries Buytaert