Laconica, billed as an open-source microblogging tool similar to Twitter or Jaiku, now has its own Mollom plugin to reduce comment and posting spam. Laconica is designed to allow people in a community, company or group to exchange short messages of 140 characters or less, over the web. The Mollom plugin for Laconica is available at, and is written in PHP.


Evan Prodromou (not verified):

Thanks for the link! I'm interested to see how Mollom deals with microblogging posts -- they're usually short and informal and some bayesian filters have problems with them.

Anonymous (not verified):

Laconica has no administrative interface.
So how Mollom can be controlled at administrative level?

If some posts that have been moved off by Mollom needs to be reverted and again put on the site, how will be that possible?

Neither Laconica nor the link above says anything about this.

frank0987 (not verified):

I think it will be used on quite soon.