MotoGP is the world’s premier motorcycling championship, with a season of 18 Grands Prix in 14 countries bringing together the world’s top motorcycle manufacturers such as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Ducati, Kawasaki, Aprilia and KTM - plus an elite crop of riders from every corner of the globe. Their website just relaunched on Drupal: see Rumor has it that on racing days, they serve up to 2 million pages a day. Yowza!


Thomas (not verified):

Do you know of their setup, I mean backend wise. How many web-servers and db-servers and so on?

We are evaluating Drupal for some really traffic heavy sites in Denmark, and would like to know a little about their setup. It seeems as if this is one of the biggest Drupal installation, traffic wise anyway.

lyricnz (not verified):

Looks like the site could use a couple of performance tweaks - JS aggregation/minimization in particular (18 files, 75KB), and setting some "Expires" headers. It does seem to be using boost or similar (check bottom of the HTML for the generation time/date). Also in the HTML are the Drupal messages, including some SQL error messages:

  • Riders comment on Bridgestone qualities's thumbnail derivative image was missing. The derivatives will be rebuilt to regenerate it.
  • User warning: Duplicate entry '472639-thumbnail' for key 1
    query: INSERT INTO drupal_video (nid, video_size, fid) VALUES (472639, 'thumbnail', 826092)

As a long time MotoGP fan, I just wish they'd use less Flash.

PS: MotoGP podcast, using Drupal of course,

Caleb G (not verified):

As a former racer (club-level stuff) who wanted to be a MotoGP star in my younger days, but is now a Drupal developer - news of this site is particularly interesting!

If only I could have helped make the site, I would have fulfilled at least part of those early dreams. ;-)

eigentor (not verified):

Gosh, this is a big site. There appears to be tons and tons of material... I clicked around a bit, it is reacting very quickly. But - this counts for anonymous user, who is mostly quick...