Dries Buytaert

Neil Drumm

Two months ago I invited Neil Drumm to become a core committer of the next Drupal version. For the duration of one release cycle, Neil will help Steven Wittens and myself to shape the face of the next Drupal version by identifying and coordinating interesting development efforts. I haven't been very verbose about my choice of Neil, but I figured it would be a pretty good hint as what I'd like to see us work on. Not unsurprisingly, this went mostly unnoticed.

I picked Neil for two reasons. First and foremost, Neil doesn't like complexity. People tend to propose incomprehensibly complex solutions, and Neil has quite a knack for detecting attempts to get cruft into Drupal. Secondly, Neil has been the co-founder and maintainer of CivicSpace, the first Drupal distribution. In his role at CivicSpace, Neil has been actively involved with the development of an install system. I hope that in his new post, Neil will help coordinate the development of a cruft-free install, upgrade and dependency system for core.

It is needed to get custom content types in core and part of the larger goal to make Drupal easier to use and develop for.

— Dries Buytaert