Dries Buytaert

New features for Drupal's Mollom module

It's been a year since our last significant changes to the Mollom module for Drupal, so we're excited to announce a major update. The most exciting new features in the new Mollom 1.11 release include:

  • Enables use of Mollom for any form; with Webform module integration almost completed
  • Includes an embedded audio CAPTCHA player that works on all browsers
  • Adds optional blacklist functionality to block spammers by text patterns and URLs
  • Adds an optional link to Mollom's privacy policy from forms protected via textual analysis
  • Adds support for serving CAPTCHAs over SSL (for Mollom Plus and Mollom Premium customers only)
  • Makes Mollom compatible with Pressflow
  • Integrates with CCK to change the position of the CAPTCHA field
  • Provides many more unit tests for continuous integration testing
  • Improves the APIs to enable module developers to better integrate with the Mollom module
  • Implements various usability improvements (e.g., better permission names and better error messages)
  • Updates several of the translations

We spent several months working on this release, and it marks our biggest upgrade to date. Upgrading requires some database updates, so remember to run update.php.

Thanks to Daniel F. Kudwien (sun), Dave Reid and Keith Smith for their contributions to the 1.11 release.

— Dries Buytaert

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