Canada's National Hockey League (NHL) is probably the highest level of professional ice hockey in world. With league revenue totaling 2.5 billion US dollars last year, the NHL is also big business. Joshua Schroeder, a Canadian Drupal developer, reported that the NHL has begun using Drupal for several interactive sites that allow fans to participate in the annual all-star game voting, and weekly fan favorite awards. Example NHL sites built with Drupal include: All these sites seem to be built with Drupal 6. More proof that Drupal 6 is getting serious traction. Good stuff!


Alexander Langer (not verified):

So finally things I like come together :D

I just wished that the NHL would also rework their primary website (as well as the teams' web presences) with Drupal. But it's a start and not a bad one if you consider the best NHL players being presented by the best open source CMS ;-)

One thing though:
The NHL as the oldest professional sports league in the world has been northamerican from day one on, meaning it always consisted of Canadian as well as US American teams. So it's not "Canada's NHL" although hockey is #1 in Canada (not to say it's religion) and only #4 in the US. Currently only 6 of the 30 teams are based in Canada.

Jordan Behan (not verified):

Certainly a great endorsement for Drupal, and for also for the use of Drupal to administer online contests :)

Thanks for the news Dries, and to Boris Mann for pointing it out to me.

cYu (not verified):

As a hockey fan and a Drupalfolk I stumbled across 2 interesting articles today. The first one was one describing all of the All-Star automated voting fraud in the current NHL vote and the second was your article linking the All-Star voting site as a Drupal site.

Looks like they initially decided not to use any of Drupal's various forms of CAPTCHA. Silly NHL.