NowPublic launched an interesting new feature called Scan. First, they aggregate data from sites like Twitter, and Pownce in near real-time. Then they aggregate the information, filter it by keywords, geo-locate it, and conveniently present it on a dashboard. Like that, you can see what is happening in different places around the world.

Being the sucker for statistics that I am, I asked Michael Meyers (CTO, NowPublic) to setup a special NowPublic Drupal Channel so that we can have our very own NowPublic Drupal Scan. Michael did, so check out the Drupal Scan at It is a great showcase of what can be done with activity streams or lifestreams, and with Twitter data specifically. What is not to like?

Nowpublic drupal scan

(Disclosure: I am an advisor to NowPublic.)


Wim Mostrey (not verified):

I think this is an amazing source of Drupal information. If only aggregated sources could be supported then this could easily replace the Drupal Planet and Drupal Talk altogether. I really love the idea of the Recommended Posts, it adds a nice touch of Digg. I'd even considering starting to Tweet just to get on the Scan, and I'm really not a Twitter fan.