Dries Buytaert

NowPublic in De Standaard

Belgian newspaper De Standaard (read daily by 80,000 people in Flanders) picked up the news about NowPublic's series A funding and published a one-page article on NowPublic and citizen journalism.

As my photos illustrate, professional journalists and media companies need to loosen up a little or they might go numb. Amateur journalists have learned to drive; it's almost time to hand over the keys — or at least, to let us be the co-pilot. Denial will not protect the barricades around your residual self image.

(Disclosure: I am an advisor to NowPublic.)

The one page article about NowPublic and citizen journalism as published in the August 4 edition of De Standaard. The article has good things to say about NowPublic.
Steve Paulussen (post-doctoral fellow at Ghent University) states that Belgian's most popular city blog, Gentblogt, can't compete with De Standaard's online news outlet. Steve argues that Belgium doesn't have enough amateur journalists.
Pol Deltour, secretary of the Flemish Association of Journalists claims that citizen journalism is less credible and not as trustworthy as professional journalism. He argues that NowPublic does not have the resources to verify the correctness of their correspondents' footage.

— Dries Buytaert

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