In little over a week, I'll be speaking about Drupal at the Open Source CMS Summit, a conference for people interested in Open Source Content Management Systems. The conference takes place February 7 - 9 in Vancouver (Canada), right before Moose Camp and Northern Voice. Among people from the Plone, ezPublish, TikiWiki and the WordPress community, more than 100 Drupal contributors have registered. Yes, more than 100. Utterly surreal!


Andy Georges (not verified):

Recent scientific (ahem) reports suggest that having intercourse helps calming those nerves. So I suggest taking K. with you.

Ber (not verified):


That is indeed surreal. In an open source world, where people are holding up their own pants (is that an English saying?), getting such large international communities together is really a great achievement. (The majority of the OSS projects are done by one or two people, in numbers, that is.)

I sincerely doubt that openoffice, KDE or Gnome would get such a big developers community together, after such a (relative) short time of 'living'. Off course Drupal is different, because it is internet-driven, but still I see this as a great achievement.

So does this mean we are finally considered grown-ups? :)

Dries, thank you again, for making all this possible!


PS: note to *myself*, make a patch to get Drupal to add the 'http://' itself for comments. The error for "homepage" becomes rather annoying. :) it it knows it should be there, it'd better add it itself. ;)