Dries Buytaert

Open Source skiing

Last week, I went skiing for 2 days with a great group of executives from the Open Source business community. We went to Alta and Snowbird for some serious skiing. It took 3 days for my muscles to recover. Thanks Matt!

The following people are featured in the video: Matt Asay (Alfresco/CNET), Larry Augustin (Investor, VA Linux, SourceForge), Jay Batson (Acquia), Jeff Borek (IBM Linux), Fabrizio Capobianco, (Funambol), Tom Erickson (Acquia), Lonn Johnston (Page One PR, TurboLinux), Paolo Juvara (Openbravo), Matt Mattox (Red Hat), Josep Mitja (Openbravo), Jose Morales (Jaspersoft), Mike Olson (Cloudera, formerly Sleepycat), John Robb (Yahoo/Zimbra); Bryce Roberts (O'Reilly Alpha Tech Ventures), Dave Rosenberg (RiverMuse/CNET), Andrew Shafer (Reductive Labs/Puppet), Javier Soltero (Hyperic), Jacob Taylor, (formerly SugarCRM), Zack Urlocker (Sun/MySQL).

— Dries Buytaert

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