I just processed and uploaded a number of photos that I shot at the Open Source CMS Summit at Yahoo!. With more than 250 Drupal developers attending, this year's OSCMS Summit was simply overwhelming.

Take a look at the photo gallery to get to know some of the faces behind Drupal. Thanks Yahoo!

Registration desk
The registration desk at Yahoo!.
Going home
On our way home, sun turned into rain ...


BryanSD (not verified):

That looked like so much fun! Perhaps next year I'll be 1 of the 500 in the Drupal crowd (you know it's only going to get bigger).

Dries...photo question. Are you still taking your pictures with the Nikon D70 SLR? Are you applying any type of color enhancement to the photographs and if so any particular software that you are using? Your photographs always seem to come out sharp and brilliant with color.

My wife and I recently purchased the D80 and we are still learning. Although we've used film SLR cameras for years this is our first digital SLR.


Bart Vyvey (not verified):

I guess the second picture unfortunately confirms the fact that the programming world is mainly a men's world. I don't see any women... ;-(

sepeck (not verified):

There are four in that picture alone. Three are clear, one is obscured by someone.

Do men outnumber women in the Drupal community? Probably. But there were a lot of woman at the conference and many did presentations and are key contributors to the Drupal community, documentation and code base. A significant percentage of the online (IRC) community are woman. Many of them however just use their non-descriptive nick and if you don't know them, you would never know, which is fine as well.

Maybe this will give you more hope

Chris Bryant (not verified):

Hi Dries, it was nice to meet you last week, I had a great time there. Love the photos, thanks for sharing. All of the images have a unique color style to them. Are you processing each of them individually or all of them together?

Acelgafrita (not verified):

Hi Dries!

I like your photo gallery! I'd like to have a similar one for my Drupal: is is done with some accessible module I can use?

Thank you,