The flagship site of Oxfam International,, is using Drupal. Oxfam is also using Mollom to protect their blogs from comment spam. Oxfam International is a confederation of organizations actively working in more than 100 countries to find lasting solutions to poverty and injustice. I've always believed that Oxfam was big on Plone, so I wonder why they decided to go with Drupal instead? Regardless, it's great to see that Drupal adoption continues to grow in the non-profit sector.



Usamah (not verified):


It's a little bit sad however to see all these new implementations relying on Drupal 5 instead of taking advantage of what Drupal 6 offers.

I wonder if the community should respond with some initiative to encourage parties to start afresh with D6.

Usamah (not verified):

Thanks for the link. That is indeed a farsighted approach to contrib updating process. I've bookmarked the link and will be keeping an eye on it.

As a side note, it looks that the Oxfam Blogs website is using the latest & greatest Drupal 6.8. They hinted that it's just the tip of the iceberg and many Drupal implementations are in the works. Good news, isn't it? :)

Emma (not verified):

I'm a fair trade retailer and Drupal user, so I can understand the attraction - particularly for an organisation with lots of staff, no IT training budget, and multiple websites to take care of. Drupal is the easiest to set up, user friendly for non-tech content authors, and the plug-and-play modules make it easy to add features (or remove obsolete functions) as needed.

FOSSACT (Canberra open source software group) did a Plone vs Drupal workshop... it was a couple of versions ago, but still interesting if you're working out what features are most important to your organisation when choosing an open source CMS. Link:

prbass (not verified):

When I was evaluating CMS options for non-profits, I thought that Oxfam were into Plone as well.

The fact that they have now switched to Drupal proves I made the right choice. Go Drupal!

zamir gori (not verified):

Its a great news that previously Oxfam was on PLONE and now they have migrated to Drupal....

Mike Gifford (not verified):

Oxfam is a large organization with lots of parts. There was a push a while back for Plone within the Oxfam community. Back in 1998 I was the webmaster for Oxfam Canada for a short while. Oxfam Canada & Oxfam America both use Plone. Oxfam Quebec uses Drupal. My sense of it is that Plone was just too difficult to customize.

Aaron VanDerlip (not verified):

"Oxfam is a large organization with lots of parts."
Indeed! I used to work there.

Oxfam Great Britain continues to use Plone for their intranet as well as for rolling out sites such and others.
Many of the other Oxfam's use something other than Plone or Drupal. I think Drupal made the most sense for given their staff and site needs. What is a real win is the continued support of Free Software by the various Oxfam's regardless of platform.