Paris by night



I used my Nikon D200 with the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 at f/5.6 and a 3 second shutter speed.

Matt (not verified):

Love how you've captured the lights and reflections in this photo. Is a tripod necessary? Would love to take a similar shot in London.


Aurelien (not verified):

I see you have enjoyed your visit to Paris during Aquia's Seminar. I hope see you again in Paris for an upcoming conference !

Morgan D (not verified):

WOW! I leaned forward on my screen because this picture is just magical, I've never been to Paris but my brother who is also a photographer said that it was a haven for photos like this. By the way, I am new at this field and was wondering how you managed to capture the "lighthouse" effect where the light of Eiffel has a white horizontal line?

Also do you have any pictures of the Thames River? I heard that it is also beautiful at night! :)

I currently have a Nikon D90 which I've bought out of impulse which I'm planning to sell right now to buy a D200.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that you are very good. I hope that I could be 1/5th of a photographer like in the future.

Have a great day!
Morgan D