I just sent the members of my PhD dissertation committee their copy of my dissertation. Yay!

Writing a PhD dissertation has been a completely new experience, and a challenging one for sure. Writing for weeks on end is hard. However, mailing your PhD dissertation to the members of your PhD dissertation committee is fun, and warrants a blog post.

The title of my PhD dissertation will be Profiling techniques for Java performance analysis and optimization. I'm fortunate to have two of the world's best Java people on my PhD dissertation committee -- James Gosling (the inventor of Java and Vice President at Sun Microsystems) and Michael Hind (Senior Manager of the Programming Technologies Department at IBM Research) -- so I'm looking forward to what they have to say about it.

Next up is my PhD defense. That and getting Drupal 6 out, of course.


Jan Heynen (not verified):

Congratulations, Dries!

Jan, live from the UGent-buildings (yet another deadline).

BryanSD (not verified):

Congratulations on your milestone! I'm very impressed with the people you have on your dissertation committee. Are they connected with the university you are working at to get your PhD...or did the university have to go out and find someone that could speak at your level?

Anonymous (not verified):

Dries, great job!

Khalid -- its already out didn't you know?

Anonymous (not verified):

Dries has also been working on an ASP.NET port with Phalanger. Its stalled right now to see if Quercus Pro is viable in the marketplace. =) Might as well start a boat load of rumors :)

drcoachchris (not verified):


Congrats on getting your dissertation in to your readers!

It sounds like you have an awesome committee, so good luck and best wishes on your defense! Don't forget to take a deep breath, and remember that even if you have the guy who invented Java in the room (and you do), you're the only one who has done the research in quite this way... so you are the authority (at least that tidbit of knowledge made me feel much better going into my defense).

All other things aside, the D6 release timeline makes all that much more sense now :-)