We're on a roll with universities using Drupal! Portland State University (PSU), with more than 24,000 students, is using Drupal for their main website at http://pdx.edu.

Portland state university


Doug Holton (not verified):

See this list for dozens more K-12 schools and universities using Drupal: https://groups.drupal.org/node/11258
Of course there are actually thousands more, just not all are on that list.

We switched our department over to a drupal site with support for student accounts, blogs, and groups with wikis and news. It's been great since all us faculty (and students) can update content ourselves instead of going through one webmaster. I've also used it in support for many of my classes.

Here's a description:
and I even published an article about it:

In the class I'm teaching now for example we created a wiki-based educational technology 'knowledge base':

DeWayne Purdy (not verified):

The University of Northern Iowa will be coming soon... new designs are being developed, hopefully we'll have a new main university site up in Drupal by the new year. We already have around 15 sites in production in Drupal, with dozens more in development.