Shaun (not verified):

This clip is rocking, little buffalo of the year. It happened just up the road from me in Krugers Park, South Africa. Community is definitely important.

Oh and Dries, just another personal thank you for Drupal and what you have done for it.

Ryan (not verified):

Just wanted to say I love this video... I've probably watched it a half-dozen times or more with various family and friends. It's a great way to introduce people to YouTube... and now to Drupal. :)

Mark (not verified):

Ahh, South Africa... home!

It's a great clip. Apparently it's been turned into a half-hour Discovery Channel special, and the tourists who filmed it were brought back to Kruger to re-enact the entire thing.

mediamagnate (not verified):

Nothing wrong with having a few crocodiles in your community. They tend to watch, wait and act decisively. Better to have a crocodile in your crew than a bunch of water lillies bobbing around on the surface, achieving nothing.

Elvis (not verified):

The Drupal community must be on our minds...
Quicker Drupal adoption: The 10 minute challenge

I would like to see more structure in our community for the longevity and health of Druplicon (got to love that little man).

As much interest there is about the redesign - there should be similar amount of energy focused on adoption (especially newbies) and modifying or providing better structure (UI and how to communicate ideas/problems/issues etc). Drupal is only going to get bigger. This problem will be harder to fix later...

Thanks for bringing up the community.

Peter (not verified):

What's the point of community in this case? To have people around as you get devoured? I don't get it.

Gerhard Killesreiter (not verified):

@Robert: Strange you had to ask _that_

Elvis (not verified):

@mediamagnate, hmmm, you just coined a word and didn't even know it! "Community Power".

@Robert, I was hoping someone else would ask first. :) To me the bulls represent the open source CMS communities, lions - proprietaries stepping in and losing :), the aligator - a single person writing a CMS from scratch!

mediamagnate (not verified):

Thanks, Elvis.

Coining words/phrases and building communities is what I love doing.

I'm an open source advocate ... some say that I'm among the best; but that would be bragging.

Let's say I just appreciated Dries' subtle insight by sharing this incredible video and providing me the opportunity to say Community Power.

Freso (not verified):

Well, it's common knowledge that Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo... so perhaps we should be wary comparing our community with that of buffalo's?