The Drupal Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to help the Drupal community with fun­ding, infra­structure, events, promotion and distribution.

Since we launched the Drupal Association in January 2007, roughly 9 months ago, we (i) improved the infrastructure, (ii) we helped organize two international Drupal conferences, (iii) we established a relation with an accounting firm, (iv) we funded Drupal's presence at FrOSCon, (v) we started setting up fundraising campaigns and partnerships, (vi) we are close to launching a Drupal Association membership model, etc.

By January 2008 we have to elect our second Board of Directors, and so I figured this would be a good time to start soliciting for candidates and nominations. Despite the progress that we have made in 2007, we would like to ramp up our professionalism and activities in 2008.

We are looking for people that want to become a board member, and that can provide leadership and experience to expand the reach of the Drupal Association and its activities. Specifically, we are interested in people who can provide leadership in the following areas:

  • Legal issues
  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • Event coordination
  • Local user group coordination
  • (redesign) coordination
  • Changing the world
  • ...

Currently, the Drupal Assocation is solely run by unpaid volunteers and we expect that our board members spend up to four hours/week working on their Drupal Association responsibilities and obligations. In other words, we are looking for people that are committed to help support and drive Drupal's explosive growth.

If you think you might be a good candidate, or if you want to nominate someone other than yourself, please let me know in the comments. I'll make sure to loop you in as soon we worked out the official nomination and election process/timeline.



Thanks for volunteering, Steven. Anything in specific you would like to focus on? Give it some thought as you'll be asked to write a platform.

Steven Muncy (not verified):

I have been in marketing, product development, and new product introductions for 30 years. I have been an officer or board member with several international trade and specification associations. As I said, I am not a programmer, but perhaps I can give back in the areas of marketing, organization, and strategy. Best wishes.

Caleb G (not verified):

Please add me to the loop. I believe I can usefully assist with marketing efforts. :-)

Background information: marketing degree (weird for a Drupal developer, I know), bit of sales experience, have worked within communications/advertising circles for several years in varying roles.

Bevan (not verified):

I think it would be great to have exactly one -- no more no less -- representative from each of the major Drupal companies. I think we need some sort of metric to measure 'major' more objectively, but these companies come to mind. They're not in any order, and probably not exhaustive by an objective metric;

  • CivicActions
  • Lullabot
  • Bryght
  • pingVision

More important than these 'representatives' are individuals that are unassociated with any such companies -- individuals that have 0 vested financial interest in the future of Drupal, either directly or indirectly.

One of the things I am afraid of, and at the same time very grateful about, with the Drupal Association is forking of the source code.

Most great floss CMS have experienced a fork; Joomla!/mambo, the PHPnukes, Plone/Zope (Is that actually a fork? Please correct me). And other great floss web apps have also forked; SugarCRM/vTiger, OScommerce and derivatives, the list goes on...

I am really excited about the growth of Drupal. However my (perhaps limited?) knowledge and experience of other floss web apps tells me that this is the most likely point for a floss web app to fork.

I am really glad that the Drupal Association has come at such a time to make an effort to protect against forking (as much as it can). I also fear that the existence of a Drupal Association (more specifically the influence of it's directors and management) might drive a fork. This is how and why mambo forked and IMHO is what has caused Joomla! to get stuck in perpetual beta.

I'm glad that the DA is (mostly) headed by people with out financial interests in Drupal, and especially grateful about it's policy on the DA's ability to influence the project itself and source code.

I believe it's important for the DA to respect and acknowledge Drupal companies' input to Drupal and their wishes and needs. These contributions are an important part of what Drupal is.

However I believe it is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE that the DA restrict the companies' influence and not be pressured, bribed or otherwise influenced into tending towards the interests of any one company, and ALWAYS prioritize the interests of the community and project before those of any company.

This is why I believe that if the DA is to accept any directors or other management staff that are also members of any company/organization providing drupal services, then the DA must accept directors and other managements staff equally from every Drupal company.

Of course it's not realistic nor necessary to give every Drupal company a place on the board. I think that if 4 or more of the more prominent/influential companies each have one and only one place (and there at least as many non-representing members as representing members) there would be enough spread to resolve any conflict of interest.


The statutes of the Drupal Association specify that a Director's office is considered a personal commitment, and that Directors cannot be represented by proxy. In other words, not companies but individuals join the Drupal Association, or its Board of Directors.

It is up to the Permanent Members (also known as the Community Ambassadors) of the Drupal Association to elect and police the Board of Directors. Their task is to make sure that (i) the Drupal Association has the proper executive team, and (ii) that this team is focused on supporting the Drupal community at large, not just the Drupal businesses.

I'll make sure to pass your concerns and suggestions to the Permanent Members of the Drupal Association. They'll want to keep your suggestions in mind when they elect the second Board of Directors, or when they decide to add more Permanent Members to the Drupal Association.

Bevan (not verified):

Thanks for your reply Dries. And thank you for clearing up a bit about how this system works.

I'd also like to urge that you and the DA consider that although an individual may be given a role on the board or in another area of the DA in there personal capacity it is near-impossible for that individual to completely 100% remove influences of every other aspect of their life from their tasks with the DA -- and nor should that be expected of any individual. The individual may be consciously aware or unaware of these influences, but I think everyone in the DA should be aware that influences with financial interests may accompany encourage or support certain individual's behavior, involvement, work and decision-making with the DA.

I'm not saying 'don't listen to the folk that work for Drupal companies'. I'm just saying we need to be aware that forking is a real possibility, something that we obviously want to avoid, and that therefore the DA should be;

  1. restricted in it's ability to facilitate motivate or otherwise drive such a fork whether intentionally or inadvertently (This restriction seems to already be in place).
  2. restricting and/or wary/aware of members and staff of the DA that have the potential to have motives and interests variant of those of the Drupal project and community.
Freso (not verified):

Plone is a CMS, while Zope is the "web application server" (in their own words) Plone is built upon.
Plone is probably more akin to 'our' install profiles (or the Civicspace distribution), than to Drupal itself: it comes with Zope and some predefined configuration, plug-ins and other stuff, and then you go from there. Plone is also developed by another team than Zope, though there are most probably a fair overlap, since the two projects are so closely related. (I don't think Zope wouldn't be quite as popular, if it didn't have Plone.) To my knowledge, neither project has (ever) been forked.

I seriously looked into Zope and Plone before settling on Drupal. Had Python been more easily available on web servers at that time, I would probably have ended up in the Zope/Plone camp, instead of Drupal. I still do love the Python language though, but I'd much rather work with Drupal than Zope.

Marcello Testi (not verified):

I'd like to help. I have skills in: communication, local UG coordination.
I maintain the it_IT translation for a contrib module and have been working with Drupal for the last 2 years.
I especially like the "change world" goal... ;)

deekayen (not verified):

I think there are a lot of people that would like to help DA, but perhaps aren't so great for such a high profile position or like myself only have bursts of opportunities to contribute.

Perhaps the association could have its own wish list where volunteers not on the committee could donate a burst of something to cross of a wish list item or two. (just brainstorming)


Deekayen, that is good advice.

It is exactly what I tried to do with this post, except at a macro-level. I outline the major areas that we need help with, hoping that someone wants to take ownership of them.

The next logical step is to define ways in which people can help at the micro-level; probably by posting a list of small tasks that we wish to see accomplished. I'll try to make that happen.

Wim Mostrey (not verified):

I would like to present myself as candidate for the role of Local user group coordinator. I have worked on many Drupal projects the last couple of years with a lot of different companies (Emakina for, Codefellas for, IBBT for, currently VRT for,,, ... and CivicActions for

I think that spreading the Drupal word in Belgium is very important especially due to the lack of available professionals. Bringing people together, giving presentations and trainings,... I feel it's time for me to take my responsibility and give back to the community.

Neil Giarratana (not verified):

I would like to submit my name for consideration for the Board of Directors. I am President of Lucidus Corporation, an Internet Strategy & Services firm based in Keene, New Hampshire USA ( I (and employees whose services I would offer to the community) have a great deal to offer to the community/board in terms of marketing, communication and event organization. We partner extensively with traditional marketing firms to deliver web sites they can manage themselves (through Drupal) leveraging open source technology.

Prior to founding Lucidus, I led a team of web application specialists for Lockheed Martin delivering rapid application prototypes to intelligence organizations (think for CIA analysts).

I have co-directed two web conferences (What's Next Conference 2001 and 2002), founded one of the largest web development user groups in Northern New England and speak at least once or twice a year at conferences throughout North America. My most recent presentations were at TODCON regarding how web developers can/should market themselves and their services to the mainstream world.

Specifically, I would like to spearhead (or contribute to) the creation and execution of a comprehensive marketing plan that would include:

  • Marketing Collateral that focuses on features/benefits from business perspective. (Currently, the available material focuses heavily on the geek world)
  • Presentation Materials for marketing Drupal to the mainstream world
  • North American Drupal Conference(s)
  • More formal User Group Program
  • "Authorized" Training & Certification Program with pre-defined curriculum
Translector (not verified):

Hi Dries,

My name is Jorge Melo. I run the website Conce.Info, which is a local citizen electronic newspaper from the city of Concepción in Chile.

I would like to drive efforts to promote Drupal in Latin America and coordinate people and events in this region of the globe.

During several years I have been involved in various efforts of global changing. So I have
acquired a reasonable experience.

I fluently speak Spanish and Portuguese, the two languages spoken in South America. And I have also lived all my life in this region so I know the cultural aspects that should be considered when marketing actions are taken here.

If you want to know more about how I work when I am involved in this kind of efforts please read the following article where I have been quoted


Jorge (George)

Larry Garfield (not verified):

I don't think that I can guarantee the time necessary to be a member of the board. However, I am willing to help out in other areas. My main interest areas are open source / free software issues in general. I am not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV, but I have been an informal FOSS evangelist for many years now and have a firm belief in the open source "way" of developing software. I also have at least a little bit of clout around the Net these days, after the GoPHP5 project. :-)

I don't know if that is more of an Ambassador position or a "random hanger on" position, but it's what I am able to offer at present.

Andy Forbes (not verified):

More about me than you ever wanted to know:

I am currently working at a startup that is using Drupal, so I have a vested interest in seeing Drupal and the Drupal community be successful :-) . I have a significant amount of experience in working with volunteer groups and professional networking organizations, and would be happy to help in whatever role seems appropriate.

Jürgen (not verified):

I'm fairly new to Drupal but I'm managing a company ( that's building their business on top of Drupal and we're all more than excited about it. In what ever way we can help, we will.

For me personally I have pretty extensive experience in a lot of different areas and I'm used to tak responsibility and be accountable. More on

At the moment I don't know enough about the requirements of the new DA board - if there is a gap to close, I'm happy to be there.

Nicholas Chan (not verified):

I am a recent migrant from Mambo-Joomla!, both as a user and (formally) from a Joomla! development team.

I was one of the pioneering people who actively used and developed Mambo/Joomla! in Singapore since early 2003, and have been active in contributing in non-programming areas to other projects such as vTiger (usability and marketing) and PostNuke (documentation of bridge and hacks development).

I have also been part of a non-profit board operating primarily in Singapore, with affiliations in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and China since August 2003 and am familiar with how a non-profit is run.

My day job is presently running a small private equity company that invests in promising young asian startups.

I would be glad to assist in whatever non-programming areas that the Drupal Association would require.

Matthew Saunders (not verified):

Hi Dries. Per your request, I am cutting and pasting my letter on Friday into this thread.

I want to express a desire to become a permanent member of the Drupal Association and ultimately become a board member. I think that I have a skill set and depth of knowledge quite different many in the Drupal community.

First off, my background. I hold a Bachelor's of Arts in Studio Art from Bishop's University (Quebec Canada), a Certificate of Arts Administration, focusing on nonprofit administration from the University of Ottawa (Ottawa, Canada), and a Master's of Fine Arts focusing on the Internet and non-profit administration from Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, VA USA).

I have worked for nonprofits in both Canada and the United States for over a decade. These experiences had me working as a Marketer, Technology Manager, Grant Writer, and Grant Maker. More on how this intersects with Drupal in a moment.

I came to Drupal about 14 months ago when I was tasked by my employer at the time to research Web 2.0 technologies. To that end, we brought together technologists from British Columbia in a think-tank atmosphere--and this meeting included two people from Bryght. Later in the year I attended a Drupal training in Vancouver conducted by Rain City Studios and Bryght. This experience gave me a good understanding of what Drupal was capable. I brought that experience back to WESTAF, my employer at the time. We worked closely with pingVision to create a Drupal site for the Denver Office of Cultural Affairs during which time I worked on four other sites on the side. In the last few months, pingVision hired me as Operations Manager.

I think I can bring value to the Drupal Association through my deep knowledge of nonprofits, regional associations, and grant making.

1) I understand what it takes to run a nonprofit from the daily nuts and bolts to Board composition/participation.
2) The Association plans on funding projects. This is, at its core, grant making. I can bring the experience of managing a $300,000 grant program, having sat on many grant panels (the decision making body for giving grants), as a grant writer (I have written many grant applications), and as the designer of online grant making systems (I spearheaded development of grant-making systems for over 20 different entities).
3) The Association plans on having a series of regional nonprofits associated with the Association across the Drupal Community. WESTAF is a a regional arts service organization that works with 13 State Arts Agencies across the western part of the US. I have a great deal of experience in managing just this kind of structure. I have quite a few ideas on how to make the Drupal Association successful in this line.
4) I can aid in setting up the U.S. Nonprofit entity helping create a model for others. I have some experience in navigating that particular bureaucracy.

My nonprofit experience married with my understanding of Drupal I think puts me in a unique position to serve the Drupal community.

I hope that the board will consider me for permanent membership and ultimately for service on the board.

Peter Moulding (not verified):

Consider a director from Australia, a huge growth area that will expand at a greater rate next year because we are running Drupal workshops throughout 2008.

# Board member experience: Company Director and Director of a not for profit media organization.

# Board member training: Member of and trained at AICD.

# Legal issues: I studied law for a year and understand the issues.

# Marketing: I helped build a software company into a billion dollar business. Must have done something right. I also built the membership of a number of clubs and organizations.

# Communication: Written: I write articles and books on Web development. My articles prompted many conversions of ASP to PHP. The success of my book on PHP 4 expanded the market from a small number of references to 20 publishers selling 50 books helping people from every background and level of experience.

# Communication: Verbal: Spoke at Apachecon, PHP International, CMGA, MAGIC, etc. Will be promoting Drupal throughout 2008 with workshops across Australia including free workshops for community organisations.

# Event coordination: I built one user group from zero to 600 representatives from Asia and the Pacific regions including monthly local meeting and an annual conference. I built the second version of the PHP users group in Australia and attracted sponsorship (There is now a version 3).

# Local user group coordination: Something to tackle for Australia when the workshops produce more Drupalites.

# (redesign) coordination: For Drupal 6: More than just a CMS
One a more serious note, I work on WAI issues, for example, and would like to see Drupal include WAI as part of the design/test process.

# Changing the world: One continent at a time starting in Australia.

I know Australia is in almost the opposite time zone to Europe which will impact on communications. I am used to working on projects in different times zones. At one stage I managed a project in Australia from 6 am to 6 pm, a project in Europe from 6 pm to midnight, and coordinated a project in America from midnight to 6 am. Having a local representative in this time zone will help promote Drupal and save Webchick the long haul across the Pacific.

Vote #1 Peter Moulding for
Local representation in Australia
World Peace

Jacob Redding (not verified):

I'll keep it short n' sweet. I'm an advocate of Drupal and OSS in general and most recently I've been hosting the meetups and DrupalCamps of NYC. I've also traveled across the U.S going to meetups and Barcamps/Drupalcamps and getting people together over Drupal.
-I'm always in the IRC channels
-I maintain a few modules
-I organize everywhere I go

Now I live in China and I'm starting to get people together and building up an OSS and Drupal community in China. I've been making contacts around the country to get things going.

My education and partial work history is in business management and finance so I can leap over to the "running the business" side of things.

In short I can help with
-Event organization
-Local user group organization
-Advocacy in the Asia region
-Financial/Business support (management, structure, taxes, rules, etc.)

My resume is here