The past months have been absolutely crazy in terms of Drupal work. And there is still so much Drupal work left to do, it isn't even funny. Yet, with my marriage around the corner (and our honeymoon directly after that), it is time for me to disconnect and to avoid working on Drupal after hours. Time to unwind. I'll pick up my Drupal work and responsibilities in about one month. Please take good care of my baby during my absence.

In the mean time, chances are that I continue posting to my blog to report back from the joyous adventures of what is marriage.



Jeff Eaton (not verified):

I'm a relative newbie at this marriage stuff myself (I was just *discovering* Drupal around the time I headed off for my honeymoon), but I think you've got a great time ahead of you. The decision to 'jack out' for a good stretch of time is a very wise one. Congratulations, and best of luck.

We promise we won't burn down the house while you're gone. *grin*

bertboerland (not verified):

have a good one. by the time you are back, your baby will be walking, talking demanding food and on its way to be grownup. steven can practise his daddy skills.

but then: there is always room for more, 4.8, 4.9 .. and any other offspring.

sepeck (not verified):

The change isn't the first few months, the change is the remainder of the first year when it slowly becomes real. Fortunatly it's a nice change that you'll have fun with.