Restore the gulf gov

The U.S. government recently launched a new Drupal website,, to provide information about the environmental catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico from the oil spill earlier this year and announced plans to phase out the current disaster response.

The site runs on a fully managed Acquia Hosting cluster that is FISMA compliant, running on Amazon EC2. That is a pretty big deal as most government agencies are still wary about using the cloud.

I'm excited that the site is running Drupal and that it is hosted at Acquia -- not just because it's pushing adoption of Drupal in the cloud, but primarily because it is very important to restore the Gulf of Mexico. All small contributions help.

Government Acquisitions, an Ohio based company, is the prime contractor and worked with Acquia for support and hosting and with Siteworx (an Acquia partner) to build the site.


matthew slater (not verified):

Open source software means it can be used for good or evil. But there's no need to encourage these guys. BP and friends ran a whole astroturf campaign with celebrities to convince the public to lobby the government to clear up the mess. Looks like it paid off. US taxpayer is clearly footing the bill for this project. That'll be why the White House announced that the oil had miraculously disappeared.

Drupal developers can afford to take a principled stance when it comes to trading with gangsters. There's plenty of cleaner money out there. The Dutch government may be elected by, and working for the people, but your pride at working for the US government is misplaced. This project is greenwash.