The website of Rock Band, a music video game for the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 is using Drupal. The game was developed by Harmonix Music Systems, published by MTV Games, and distributed by Electronic Arts Partners, but who built the website?

Rock band


CosmicDreams (not verified):

Really? How can you tell? Did they send you an email thanking you for the CMS?

It's just hard to believe that my two passions are united in awesomeness.

Nick Lewis (not verified):

Really? How can you tell?
Lines 6-12 of the source code reveal a classic Drupal 5 directory structure: specifically paths to the "sites", and "themes" directories.

Chris M (not verified):

Yep we used Drupal and are loving it. We will be using it also to interface directly with our game engine.

We are seeking Drupal programmers and web systems administrators - anyone interested?

We are in Cambridge, MA. If you're interested, please email me at chris dot marstall at harmonixmusic dot com.


Lou (not verified):

Yeap, as soon as HMX began playing with the new community site (previously they were running VBulletin with some sort of third-party community module for profiles/blogs/myspace-like functionality, if i remember correctly), we were finding links that were popping up with Drupal 404 errors. The Harmonix team did an amazing job with the site. The HMX team is very cool, very open to a lot of current stuff, and their internal team (including Chris M.) are awesome.

I'm sure they've got LOADS of awesome stuff coming out with Rock Band 2, although I'm still waiting for that damn "photo shoot" feature that was so highly touted! Where is that, Chris?? :D

Anonymous (not verified):

What is the best way to integrate vbulletin with drupal ?

or any other proper solution ?

Thank You.