Earlier this month, about 130 Drupalistas descended upon the Brooklyn Polytechnic to talk Drupal at the third DrupalCamp in New York City. Jacob Redding, co-organizer of DrupalCamp NYC, was kind enough to send me some custom-made Drupal schwag.

OK, I begged for it. I really liked the t-shirt so I asked Jacob if I could buy one! Thanks Jacob!

The t-shirt design itself was made by Andrew Stevenson, famous for his many great Drupal paintings.

This was the third DrupalCamp in New York, but you can check out a video of the second DrupalCamp in New York City to get a feel of what the people are like.

Drupalcamp nyc
Drupalcamp nyc
Drupalcamp nyc
Drupalcamp nyc


Anonymous (not verified):

Thank you and the others for work on the Drupal. That Andrew Stevenson design is cool.

litwol (not verified):

I love the shirt and the community, thank you everyone.

I wasnt able to attend drupal camp so i would like to find out where i can buy the shirt.

thanks again