Sony Ericsson's first Drupal web site was officially launched yesterday at the JavaOne conference. The site, called Sony Ericsson Labs, is a community website to shares application concepts with everyone who is interested in mobile applications and where new ideas can begin to take shape.

The site was designed and implemented by NodeOne in 462 hours with a team of five persons. Impressive!

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Usamah (not verified):

Very nice design and well-thought out functionality. Kudos for originality.

As a side note, the NodeOne website introduces the company as "NodeOne consists of a team of Drupal experts - between them over 30 years of Drupal experience". Hmmm, I don't know if this is intentional or not, but Drupal is way younger than that. :-)

Ximo (not verified):

Between them = accumulated number of years of our team. It's just a fancy way to say that we've got plenty of experience with Drupal ;)

Usamah (not verified):

Yeah, I thought that might be intentional. I can't argue with you on your Drupal's experience! :-D

Robert Douglass (not verified):

They coded the site while stitching together the plush Druplicon. Man, these guys are talented!

Seriously, though, organizing last week's DrupalCamp in Stockholm was a major effort, and NodeOne not only hit a home run with the Camp, they managed to get their big-client websites out the door. Great work!