Sony is using Drupal for Musicbox, a site where you can watch all videos in Sony's video library. The site was built by Lullabot: details are available in Lullabot's 29th Drupal podcast.

Musicbox is a community site by Sony Music where you can watch and rate and review the music videos of all Sony artists.


bertboerland (not verified):

Don't get me wrong, I think it is great that a "Big Company" uses Drupal as a base for their website and congrats to Lullabot for making the stuff under the hood.

But please, I have seen all the beta signs, wet floor effects, rounded corners, gradients and other "look-this-is-2.0" elements I can handle.

In other words, if Sony is using the cosmetic side of "Web 2.0", you *know* it's not hip.