The South African Government is using Drupal for their official 2010 FIFA World Cup website at With the start of the 2010 World Cup just hours away, this is a timely discovery and a nice win for Drupal. The site was built by eConsultant. (Hat tip: Usamah)

Sa2010 gov


dicix (not verified):

It's nice to know that more and more big names use Drupal for their web image. Though it looks like the site was made in a hurry :)

Willem van Straaten (not verified):

This site was built by (Acquia partner) and had a huge last minute rebuild/upgrade that was done in less than a month. The interesting fact it is fully managed by ONLY one very busy journalist. Awesome showcase of Drupal power: quick to set up, scalable enough to handle FIFA world cup 2010 traffic, and simple to manage ;) Follow the South African Drupal community on Twitter @DrupalZA.

inetpro (not verified):

Drupal is just perfect for the job. Very exciting times.

Chris (not verified):

Good news and all, but It saddens me when people don't take care of the finer details.