I will be speaking at MIT on Monday, October 26 at 5pm in the Stata Center in Cambridge. I plan to talk about the state of Drupal, Drupal 7 and Open Source development in general. After the presentation, there will be some time for social networking. The event is free so you're all invited to attend!

On a somewhat related note, we have some intern positions open at Acquia to give people the opportunity to come and learn about Drupal -- students from MIT, Harvard or other universities interested in an internship at Acquia should certainly attend and approach me about it.


Itkovian (not verified):

Coolness! I hope the room is full and the audience will be listening. Will there be a video of the talk? So the rest of us grunts on the other side of the water can listen too?

Ben Stallings (not verified):

"Some time for social networking" -- I'm imagining the whole audience simultaneously visiting Twitter and Facebook on their phones. Oh wait, they'll do that during the presentation. :-) Congratulations, Dries! My father is an MIT alumnus, so if you get written up in Technology Review or some such, he'll have that much more idea what I do for a living. Knock 'em dead!

erdon1 (not verified):

Great, will there be a video available online for those who cannot attend?

Gartheeban Gan… (not verified):

It is great to see you at Stata and looking forward to meet you.

Although there is a huge interest among people towards Drupal here, it is notable that python and RonR remain popular. Perhaps you could emphasize on Drupal as a framework (not just as CMS) and its scalability.

Looking forward to meet you here.


Oh my, I just learned that President Barack Obama will be speaking in the same room at MIT that I'll be speaking in 3 days later.