Dries Buytaert

Stanford using Drupal

I've been around the web long enough to know a good-looking site when I see one — http://shc.stanford.edu is a good looking site. It is the home page of the Stanford Humanities Center, and it uses Drupal.

Stanford humanities center

And there is more. A quick glance at https://opensource.stanford.edu/knowledgetopics/drupal/sites-using-drupal-stanford reveals a list of over fifty Drupal sites currently active at Stanford. As far as I saw on the ones I clicked on, each site is different.

This trend isn't specific to Stanford. We see it at MIT, Harvard and many other universities. More and more universities start to embrace Drupal. At many of those, Drupal is slowly becoming the de facto platform for web development. It is an emerging trend, and one that introduces a lot of students to Drupal.

— Dries Buytaert