Every year, I try to communicate the "Drupal Zeitgeist" in at least one of my "State of Drupal" presentations. To help me capture the State of Drupal for my presentation at DrupalCon Szeged next month, I'd like to invite you all to take part in the State of Drupal 2008 survey that I created. The goal of the survey is to better understand our needs and to help prioritize our efforts. If you can't attend DrupalCon Szeged, don't worry; I'll share all results after the conference.

Now, fill out the survey and help shape the future of Drupal!


sun (not verified):

I have tried to communicate this as much as possible and was a bit shocked to read it again in the survey: The goal for Drupal core should be to have a Wysiwyg API in core that supports any client-side editor and integrates seamlessly with input formats. Having support for just one editor would be very un-Drupalish and counter-productive.

I know that end-users may not understand the purpose or benefit of a "Wysiwyg API" instead of having "A Wysiwyg Editor in core" - however, this leads to false assumptions among all users, including developers.

A few folks (including me) are really working hard on these goals in the Wysiwyg API project. I have updated the project's description recently to better communicate the project's goals as well as the current state.