I gave my traditional State of Drupal presentation this week at DrupalCon Austin. You can watch the recording of my keynote if you are interested in learning about my vision for the future of the web, the challenges and opportunities ahead of us, how Drupal fits into that. In good tradition, you can also download a copy of my slides (PDF, 120 MB).


Ed Carlevale (not verified):

That was a great keynote. A few years ago I thought Dries was overselling the ascendency of mobile and mobile-first, but he proved exactly right there. And this time around I think he's right on the money in the two major points he made here: Google is swallowing the web and Drupal has a fundamental role to play. I was already onboard with the changes coming in Drupal 8 but Dries' analogy between Drupal and still photography -- an increasingly easier user experience made possible by increasing complexity under the hood -- was effective. In the moment I thought Dries could have been a bit more inspirational, or at any rate avoided an example of using Google Glass to facilitate shopping on Amazon. But I'm also tired of thinking any single person has to be all things to all people. The rest of DrupalCon filled in many of those missing pieces (Angie ftw), and Dries gave us the hard news of what's coming toward us and how we're positioned to handle it.

Rob Koberg (not verified):

Just saw the keynote video after posting this:


Do you have any links or pointers to code that talk/show information about a headless Drupal? I understand restws (or similar) is in the core. Does this mean a full bootstrap for every request? Not finding much through searching. I am interested in bootstrapping to a lower level. Is there anything built in the core that helps with this? If so, any pointers/links?

Alan Peterson (not verified):

Yes that's right drupal has essential roles to play because google is swallowing. I am also working on drupal 8 and i think it will be more effective.