Someone recorded the State of Drupal presentation I gave at the Open Source CMS Summit at Yahoo! last month. I'm not the world's best speaker, but the talk does touch upon a number of points that I want the people in the Drupal community to take note of. As not all Drupal contributors were able to attend the conference, I'm reposting the video on my blog.


Benjamin Melançon (not verified):

I will be trying to help eliminate the administrator: GSOC2007 project Community Managed Taxonomies.

My suggestion for a killer feature – for any site that actually wants to draw in users, without first throwing up the roadblock of registration – is viral or workflow registration.

For how to get more action on everything, I think a way for individuals and small development shops to pool funds to get their itches scratched is essential. More on that here.


Thanks for the interesting pointers, Benjamin. Food for thought!

sime (not verified):

Thanks for bringing this video to my attention, great sound quality!

I'd heard about that php 4/5 discussion, and I'm sure it's discussed to death. But really, the problem is all those dinky custom php4 applications that hosting customers *demand* to be able to run. Just goto to and do a search for php4 scripts.

So... Drupal is already there. PHP needs to make the drop, not Drupal. The suggestion that Drupal should make the first move is luuudicrous.


It's in our own interest to help drive PHP5's adoption, and PHP's development in general. After all, we don't want PHP to become a dinosaur.

It's up to all parties to realize that, and to make change happen. Therefore, I'm OK with putting some subtle PHP5 only features in Drupal core.