Last week at DrupalCon DC I gave my traditional state of Drupal presentation in front of 1400 Drupalistas. The video of the presentation is provided below, and you can download a copy of my slides (PDF, 20 MB) as well. The video is available in alternative encoding formats from Topics I talked about: the history of Drupal, the Drupal 7 release, the future of Drupal, etc. Have a look!




No idea. Someone else recorded it and uploaded it. I'm just linking it. ;)

Nicolas Borda (not verified):

It's funny, I just saw your presentation and I laughed because I had done a RIP PHPTemplate graphic ( with the same tombstone. I found the one I used on Google Images searching for tombstone and used the clone tool to remove the text, then I just now after seeing your presentation did a search for "make your own tombstone" and found the site you must have done yours in, lol. If I would have know, d'oh.

Anyways, congratulations in another great State of Drupal, I saw my first one in Barcelona, my second one in Szeged and can't wait to see this presentation live at Paris. They get better each time, cheers.

blade.fang (not verified):

Hello Dries, I am a Drupal lover from China. I am happy to tell you that there are more and more people join the Drupal family. We also organize small "DrupalCon" in Beijing and Shanghai. Although the number of Drupalists is small here, but I am sure it will grow rapidly in the following years and we hope one day, the real DrupalCon will be hold in China. Ha ha! Thanks again for giving us the fantastic Drupal!