Two weeks ago at DrupalCon Paris, I gave my traditional state of Drupal presentation. The video of the presentation is available from, and you can download a copy of my slides (PDF, 8 MB) as well.

I don't want to give away the spoiler, but essentially, the state of Drupal is strong. :) We should be really proud of what we have accomplished with Drupal 6, and what we're about to accomplish with Drupal 7. In the presentation, I also talk about what it means for Drupal to grow up, and what the next phase of our life will most likely look like.


Anonymous (not verified):

It would be great to see something about this less than 2/3 weeks after it happened. The news/videos coming out of Drupalcon for the people not there was slower than molasses this time around. Ah, well - good that the state of Drupal is well.

mixel (not verified):

Congratulation with yet another excellent state-of-the-art. Too bad I couldn't be there.

I'm always afraid that my research on innovation management make me drifts away from Drupal. My aim is to be part of this community! Lucky your presentations go into the same direction and this gives me hope.

Drupal gives me hope, you give me hope. Cheers!