Studio Brussel (StuBru), without a doubt Belgium's best radio station, relaunched their website using Drupal today. Check it out at!


The concept and design work was done by i-merge. The implementation was done in-house by StuBru's producer, the VRT.


Dries Knapen (not verified):

Now this is _great_ news, and the website looks really good. Congratulations to everyone involved!

Koen Van Isterdael (not verified):

Inderdaad een prachtige website! Zijn ze bij StuBru van plan om meer bekend te maken over de implementatie? Welke modules, eigen ontwikkelingen,... ze hebben gebruikt enzo. Alleszins een mooie referentie voor Drupal in Belgiƫ!

theborg (not verified):

Drupal rocks! Now in its home country.


PieterDC (not verified):

I can tell you that - the site for kids and youngsters to go to when they're struggling - is also a Drupal site, alternatively accessible at, because 102 is the phone number they can call (for free).

It's the biggest Drupal site we made so far...