On Friday this week, I will be giving a keynote at Symfony Live London. The event is being hosted by our friends at Sensio Labs UK. For those not familiar with that name, Sensio Labs are the original creators of the Symfony framework. The event, which runs over the course of two days (13-14th September), promises to provide some fascinating insights in to the world of Symfony.

Symfony is a reusable set of standalone, decoupled and cohesive PHP components that solve common web development problems. As most of you know, we have incorporated Symfony components into Drupal 8. We are enhancing our strong architecture, with another strong architecture. It is a big initiative that we have been working on for many months.

Given the importance of Symfony for Drupal, it is great to see our two communities collaborate. Events like Symfony Live London are an ideal place for that to happen. I look forward to seeing you there!


Steve Purkiss (not verified):

Have a great time - I really enjoyed Fabien's DrupalCon Munich keynote having grown up in the same era as himself however slightly older so the BBC 'B' was my first introduction to home computing!

It's a shame you can't make it down for BADCampUK in Brighton which is on straight after - hope you don't mind me commenting here as we warmly welcome Symfony conference-goers to come down to the South Coast (1h by train from London) for a weekend of Drupal fun for free - open studios, sessions, BoFs & Sprints:


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