Growing up my dad had a watch from TAG Heuer. As a young child, I always admired his watch and wished that one day I'd have one as well. I still don't have a TAG Heuer watch, however I just found out that TAG Heuer relaunched its website using Drupal 8 and that is pretty cool too.

TAG Heuer's new website integrates Drupal 8 with their existing Magento commerce platform to provide a better, more content-rich shopping experience. It is a nice example of the "Content for Commerce"-opportunity that I wrote about a month ago. Check it out at!

Tag heuer using drupal


John Felan (not verified):

My TAG was given to me 25+ years ago by a client after the conduct of a successful corporate event.

I had to have it serviced recently and I was asked if I wanted a new glass as it is pretty scratched. I used to do corporate events in natural settings including rainforest and the 'wait-a-while' and 'hairy mary' took its toll on flesh, clothing and accessories.

I said no as every time I look at my watch I am seeing a record of that wonderful part of my life.…

These days my jungle is Drupal - with Drupal 8 we are not getting lost so often :-)

Thank you Dries for this gift to us and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

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