Today is bittersweet for the Drupal Association, as Jacob Redding has transitioned the Executive Director role to Holly Ross. Jacob did a phenomenal job growing the Drupal Association, and Drupal as a whole. Jacob’s special attention to the community has helped create a culture that many of us are proud to be a part of; his passion and dedication for Drupal has always been evident.

Under Jacob’s leadership we have broadened our activities, streamlined operations and significantly increased revenues. The Drupal community members grew by 1143% to 800,000 and we gained 3286% more committers to 23,000 in just three years. That said, our DrupalCon sizes and attendance expanded, which has helped increase Drupal adoption throughout the world. The Drupal Association staff of 12 has settled into Portland and is well positioned in Oregon's active open source community.

With Holly onboard, our vision remains to become the largest open source, non-profit organization that continually increases its support to the community and project. Jacob, thank you for all your hard work and tenacity! I look forward to continuing to work with you in the community.


frankcarey (not verified):

A huge thank you to Jacob for his service to the community these last few years. I imagine that role is both rewarding and challenging and we welcome Holly into the fray!

greggles (not verified):

I'm not aware of an official stated Drupal Association vision statement, but I really hope "largest" isn't part of it. Maybe the DA does need to be large, but I don't see that as a goal in itself. Especially given the size of organizations like Linux Foundation, Apache Software Foundation, and Mozilla Foundation it would require some shifts in the way software works for the DA to need to be larger than Mozilla Foundation.

We do have a mission (which I know has a different purpose than a vision) on and I'm super duper a fan of that.

And of course, thanks to Jacob :)

Sergey (not verified):

>> The Drupal community members grew by 1143% to 800,000 and we gained 3286% more committers to 23,000 in just three years.

Do you have more information about this? Or at best a case study?


João Ventura (not verified):


That info is public data, freely provided in's homepage:

"932,400 people in 228 countries* speaking 181 languages power Drupal"


"23,537 Developers"

Dries's numbers are actually a bit lower than reality. Granted, the base numbers are not so easy to find. You can use's data to trace the evolution, but only since October 2010. I do think the percentage growth may be a little too optimistic.. Also Dries doesn't state what date he refers to as the start of "Under Jacob’s leadership". March 2010 or earlier? I can't believe we jumped from 70.000 to 550.000 between March and October 2010, and grew only 400.000 in the 2 years since.

All of which doesn't actually matter much.. Thanks Jacob for a fantastic job. I wish you the best in your next endeavours and hope to see you in the next Drupalcons. And of course: Welcome Holly!! You've got some nice shoes to fill :)