The Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) has agreed to provide legal representation and related services to the Drupal project. At the last board meeting, the Drupal Association's board of directors has accepted the SFLC's offer. I'm confident that the SFLC will be instrumental in making the Drupal project advance to the next level.

Our first course of action is to work on answering a list of GPL related questions that the Drupal community has been struggling with. Expect that to happen in the next couple of months. Details to follow.

Kudos to Henri Poole (Drupal contributor, FSF board member and author of the Affero license) for connecting me with Eben Moglen (Law professor at Columbia and Chairman of the SFLC). Thanks!


Benjamin Melan… (not verified):

That's great news. I don't think a free software project can get much better legal assistance!

(And to hijack the post just a little: Any thoughts about Affero on any part of Just took another look at their stuff and it's very much what myself and a few others were talking about: with better tools for cooperation the Drupal community itself could fund even more of the sort of development now mostly supported by a smaller pool of larger clients.)