Tori Amos moves to Drupal: Another high-profile Drupal user, but unfortunately, the template design is not exactly my cup of tea ... it reminds of web design in the late nineties.

Tori amos



All Sony BMG sites seem to have ads on them ...

NikLP (not verified):

That they do... but it hardly paints a pretty picture of Sony BMG (IMHO) that they feel the need to do that.

I mean, to *what end* are they doing that? It just undermines the artists - it implicitly states that "you don't make us enough revenue, we'll need to bump that up with some ads". Patently ridiculous. (not verified):

I agree (partial) with you about theme design for this site. It has somehow "rustic" look and feel (like you said, as in the late nineties).
But the layout is made using moder technic. As I see, there are no tables at all for example.

douglasgottlieb (not verified):

Yikes Moshe! Having actually worked with us on these sites, "guess" seems a be a bit misleading! ;)

Yeah, Sony artist sites have ads on them.

Yeah, the point is to make money from advertising.

Yeah, we're a big company doing commercial work.

Does the NYObserver have ads? Did you charge them for your work there?

Yeah, all of the development we're doing has gone back into the community and is being used on countless sites across the web that may or may not have ads on them.