I helped start the Drupal Association in 2006 because we needed a checking account for the $10,000 or so required to produce a Drupal conference and to support our infrastructure. In a short six years, we grew the Drupal Association from a volunteer-run organization to one of the largest Open Source non-profit foundations with an operating budget of $3 million USD and 8 full-time employees. Today, we support over 18,000 developers, 9,000 conference attendees, 2,300 individual donors, 800 organizations, and a web presence that reaches over two million people every month.

A lot of that credit goes to Jacob Redding, who took the position of Executive Director two years ago. Under Jacob's leadership we have broadened our activities, streamlined our operations, and significantly increased our revenues. We have supported the Drupal community in its exponential growth from 70,000 members to over 800,000 and from 700 committers to over 18,000. And we are just getting started.

Today, we are announcing an important leadership transition at the Drupal Association. We're sad to say that Jacob, who has worked tirelessly and effectively to grow the organization to where it is today, has told us he intends to step down later this year. Needless to say, it was a difficult decision for Jacob to leave, but he has agreed to stay on until the right replacement has been found, and plans to stay involved as a member and volunteer after his responsibilities have been transitioned.

This transition doesn't come as a surprise for the Drupal Association's Board of Directors. With Jacob's help, we have been preparing and planning for this transition for a while. The Drupal Association is in a good place; we are better organized than ever before and have more momentum than ever before.

This leaves us with a tremendous opportunity ahead. We are now seeking someone to help lay the foundation for our next stage of growth. Someone to help drive us to become the largest Open Source non-profit organization. This will need to be an experienced executive to take over Jacob's responsibilities and to grow the Drupal Association from a $3M organization to a $10M organization over the next few years so we can better support our massive growth as a community and project.

If you are interested, or if you know someone that is interested in this job, please take a look at the job description. I think this truly represents one of the most exciting opportunities out there for someone with a strong leadership background, and that is interested in fostering enormous growth within a non-profit and collaborating with an extensive and active volunteer network. Together with the Drupal community this person could change the way the world builds websites.


chx (not verified):

I do not have the words to express the gratitude towards Jacob so all I can say is: thanks.

Joe Bachana (not verified):

I'm gratified to have been able to observe the Drupal Association's growth over the past years. I, too, feel that Jacob has done a great job building the DA while also being deeply attuned to the special needs and culture of the Drupal community. It is a complex global community with competing interests and its way of things getting worked out.

It isn't that Jacob got it right every time. Its that he managed to keep his cool when stuff was hitting the fan -- at least as far as I can tell. For that, I'm grateful.

A professional Executive Director will indeed do much to help the DA grow and expand in its mission to spread the word about Drupal and to protect the project. What we want to be sure of is that this new leader also remains sensitive to the community's various voices and manner in which controversies somehow get worked out.

So before I start bawling like a baby that Jacob is stepping down, please do me a favor and promise that we'll find someone who loves Drupal as much as he obviously does. That will be a great starting point for us all!

Congrats again to you, Dries, for creating the substrate that allowed this all to happen.