André Gilain interviewed me about Drupal for Trends, a Belgian business magazine. You can find the article in the June 15 issue of Trends Tendances (French version), or you can read it in full by clicking the link below.

Trends06 interview
PDF version, © Trends.

This is really good publicity for Drupal, and it is exciting to see our work getting so much recognition.

I'm not sure that I like being called the "anti-Bill Gates" -- it is not like I'm a modern hippy fighting windmills, am I? I wish that the article was more about Drupal and the Drupal community, and less about me. Credit should be given where credit is due: Drupal's successes should be attributed to the Drupal community, of which I am just one part.


Steven Noels (not verified):

It's good to see the GSoC stuff being recognized in Belgian press. We in the Daisy community were pretty proud of our own GSoC achievements (we got three projects from Google, one of them being a PHP library!), however that didn't ring a bell with our Flemish press contacts.


Yes, it is good press, not just for Drupal but for all Open Source projects. As we spread the word about our projects, we spread the word about Open Source. By doing both, we help each other.

Khalid (not verified):

I'm not sure that I like being called the "anti-Bill Gates" -- it is not like I'm a modern hippy fighting windmills, am I?

You're not? Could have fooled me there ...

Seriously, this is just the professional press editorializing. If they don't make it sound sensational, it is not worth publishing in their view.

BryanSD (not verified):

Of all the open source PHP projects, I would say Drupal is likely one of the least anti-Windows I've come across. While the Drupal community as a whole may not have the expertise in Windows 200x servers and IIS...they help out where they can.

I find the whole Windows vs. Linux vs. Mac discussions in the media and in the online community tiring. I work with what's best to get the job done with no loyalty to a particular operating system or software. I have both Linux and Windows at my desk and running IIS as well as Apache on the network. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I think the article would have done better if it realized that open source really has nothing to do about being anti-Gates. The goal of open source isn't to be anti-Windows. What is the goal then? The goal of open source is to be better than Windows and better than propriety.

BryanSD (not verified): my haste to give my opinion, I meant to also say contratulations to Dries and Drupal!

Max Bell (not verified):

It's a h-i-p-p-i-e which is a pretty good indication you're not one. ;)

Used to mean someone who was simply well-informed, rather than guys in dread bags and Birkenstocks and women who look like Pete Rose with mullets and comfortable shoes, and hey.

It doesn't get any hipper than this, so far as I know.

But I digress...

bertboerland (not verified):

Even (also?) within the media (and the public reading the media) there is a maturity model for how the write about OSS. Usually they start with the "gratis" part, the "nerd part", the "anti Microsoft part", then they take a better look at it and post about communities, then they will go to bashing (copyleft, DRM, etc), and at last they will just use OSS instead of writing about it. :-) Judging from what I read, this magazine just woke up and saw it was 2006 and is still in the very first fase.

Either way, my french isn't good enough anymore to read this in-depth but weren't you offered to proof readit before it would go to print? If that was the case I think you should stress that it is about the strength of OSS instead of the weakness of other products.

pat (not verified):

Is that you in an Apple ad? ;)