The popular Linux distribution Ubuntu, is now using Drupal at More information is available at Matt Nazum's blog. I've mailed with Matt about this and he wrote: Now that we have a good platform, the fun is just beginning. Right on!



bertboerland (not verified):

When I saw the new site today, I thought it could have been a nice new Drupal site. So I checked some URL's (/user etc) but none of them were Drupalized. However, it was far easier to see it was a Drupal site; view source and look for /misc/drupal.css.

Very good to see that the only usable and open source Linux (Desktop) Distro is using the best CMS. I saw a presentation of Mark Shuttleworth during OSCON in Belgium (I think you missed it?) and he is a rather smart person. No wonder he and his team have chosen Drupal.

pate (not verified):

I personally prefer fedora more than any of the other distros, but I installed ubuntu on an external a while back. The problem with putting it on the same drive as your OSX system is that the disc utility that comes with mac osx cannot partition drives without reformatting the entire drive. This is pretty much what boot camp does, partitions your harddrive without erasing anything, but it dosn't make the extra partition free space, it sets it up for windows to be installed on the intel macs.