The United States Department of Commerce just relaunched their website on Drupal. Check out their new website at

According to Wikipedia, the Department of Commerce has more than 140,000 employees, and an annual budget of $14 billion USD. Needless to say this is another great win for Drupal, and for Open Source in government!

It is great to see them take advantage of Drupal's social capabilities like blogging and commenting, as well as to see integration with social media like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. It all helps provide greater transparency.

Commerce gov



I don't know their budget. Even if I did know, it wouldn't be for me to share that publicly.

Jignesh Shah (not verified):

I am curious to know your method of identifying that it is on Drupal?


In almost all cases, people send me an e-mail about their site's launch. I guess they know that I like to highlight sites from reading my blog.

Cerebral (not verified):

One easy way is, in general, to look at classes present on the body tag; other clues: look for "Drupal.settings" in HTML or "Drupal" in javascript files.

Taco (not verified):

It is a good day for Drupal again! Yes, Dries, what was the budget, why did they choose Drupal and is it built with the same alliance as

USA people just love blue don't they ;)?

I always have trouble with the drop down menu's. Multiple usability tests have shown people will not visit the pages as often as with nice menu structures. Well, Amazon kinda switched back to menus that unfold..

Drop downs are nice so you do not need an index page. For example you can go straight to:

But the page one level op now gives us a 404:

This will confuse both search engines as users. A great CMS as Drupal is nowadays not enough. More attention should be paid to interaction design and the structure of websites.

Tim Wood (not verified):

The path for throwing a 404 error would not confuse search engines at all, as they just follow links. You will notice that the breadcrumbs up to the "parent" item work and take you to the path This was done intentionally.

Also, typical users don't try to go up in the path by erasing part of the URL, they also follow links, but more technical users might try this (I know I do). Because of this I've "corrected" the 404 error at to point it to

Thanks for the feedback and thanks for posting this Dries!