Daniel Kruchkow, Senior Vice President Global Digital Initiatives at Universal Music Group, let me know that the Universal Music website, http://universalmusic.com, switched to Drupal a few months ago.

To quote Daniel: "We're more than happy with it and are looking forward to expanding our content and feature sets as time goes on. Our users love it."

Universal music


Bart Vyvey (not verified):

That's a testimonial with a BIG T!

Jeff Robbins (not verified):

I know you're probably thinking, "Wow, a lot of record labels are starting to use Drupal." But I don't know if everyone is quite aware of the impact Drupal is having in this business.

In the United States, there are currently only 3 major record labels: Warner Music, SonyBMG, and Universal. (EMI is not a major music group in the US.) With the addition of Universal, now ALL of these companies are running major Drupal sites for both their central marketing efforts (www.warnerbrosrecords.com, www.myplay.com, www.universalmusic.com) and many of their artist sites (www.britney.com, www.ozzy.com, www.jenniferlopez.com, www.jessicasimpson.com, www.pinkspage.com, REM's tour site, and many Warner artists).

In addition, they all seem VERY happy with Drupal and are continuing to hire Drupal developers and contribute tremendous development resources (and code!) to the Drupal project. Its been really great to see Drupal catching on in this industry and I anticipate a lot more growth in the future.

Disclaimer: SonyBMG is one of Lullabot's clients and we've helped them build their sites.

Side disclaimer: I used to be signed to A&M Records (a subsidiary of Universal), so I'm happy to see them join the fold... or... perhaps I'm just looking for my old job back. :-)

Kieran lal (not verified):

I was thinking the same thing. According to Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_industry

The four biggest music labels interationally in 2005 were

  • Universal Music Group — 25.5%
  • Sony BMG Music Entertainment — 21.5%
  • EMI Group — 13.4%
  • Warner Music Group — 11.3%
  • Independent labels — 28.4%

According to http://www.ifpi.org/content/library/MUSIC-MARKET-DATA-2007.pdf
United States Volume market share (distributor –
last year’s share in brackets):

  • UMG 31.9%(31.6%)
  • SBMG 25.0% (27.4%)
  • WMG 20.3% (18.1%)
  • EMI 9.4% (10.2%)
  • Indies 13.5% (12.6%)

If anyone knows someone at EMI using Drupal, let me know.


Imre (not verified):

Sounds great! ...In my experience it helps when 'great names' are backing up what you're telling potential clients. Whether people are really into IT or not, people do feel more confident when some well-know entities have chosen the same technologies you are trying to sell. Even though open-source has proved to be very worthwile, still people are wondering "There's got to be a catch behind the low investment in the product".

Edward Webber (not verified):

Are all of these companies developing their sites in-house or are there outsource firms who have made these?

I have been searching for a firm to convert our site over to Drupal, but have come up short with firms which have developed high traffic (more than universalmusic.com) sites.

Are there any out there? My first thought was Lullabot, but their site says they no longer do development.

Where do we turn?

Kelly Kruchkow-Moore (not verified):

Just hoping someone from the company reads this and will let Dan know I'm trying to reach him. Obviousely, by the name, I am a Kruchkow. There are so few of us out there I was really wondering if we were related....I also have a brother named Dan.....He can email me at the address above....thanks so much!


Louis (not verified):

Well kind of a stretch but virginradio999.com is in Drupal, and I know Virgin and EMI are somewhat the same company... for the rest, pretty much every EMI site seems to use ASP technology ... but they might change very soon. :)


TB (not verified):

EMI not a major US label? Maybe you're thinking that because they don't use the EMI name very much over there.

Their US subsidiary list is as follows:

Capitol Records
Capitol Records Nashville
Virgin Records
Blue Note Records
Astralwerks Records
Mute Records
and the newly announced EMI Records Nashville