We all know that Drupal can work with Varnish, a HTTP accelerator that caches pages in virtual memory. Well, now Varnish uses Drupal too! Varnish Software, the company behind Varnish, just relaunched its site using Pressflow, a Drupal distribution with performance and scalability improvements. The site was built by Kodamera.

Varnish software


Element3 (not verified):

I love everything that Kodamera does. I've never heard of Pressflow, but I will definitely check it out. How good are the Drupal performance and scalability improvements?

Per Buer (not verified):

First and foremost we wanted Pressflow for the lazy session creation - that way the Varnish configuration is really, really simple. Since Varnish is in front of Drupal we don't really know if Pressflow is any faster then stock Drupal. This suits us well - we're kind of clueless when it comes to Drupal. :-)