Flemish commercial television channel VT4 is using Drupal on http://www.vt4.be. VT4 is part of ProSiebenSat.1 Media, the second-largest broadcasting group in Europe. Cool!



Webmaster VT4 (not verified):

Hi Dries,
Thanx for the exposure :) and thanx ... obviously ... for Drupal.

It's scalability and the solid Drupal developers we worked with were and still are a true blessing.

A good tip for all you webmanagers, webmasters thinking about converting your souls to Drupal: hire a guru and let him/her inspire you to do great things with Drupal. You'll get more out of one hands on session with those guys than you'll get from reading 10 Drupal books.

It has been an interesting learning process for us as well as for our technical partner and our inhouse IT guys who did their best to hook us up with a solid configuration to offer us that same scalability and power we need for a fast moving (content wise) website like ours.

We're currently also porting our other channel VIJFtv (http://www.vijftv.be) into Drupal and have recently launched http://www.good-deal.be on the platform.

Thanx again for all your effort and also big thanks for all the support from the powerfull Drupal community to get the cms to the level where it is today.

Kind regards,
Bart Stassen
Webmaster VT4

Gert Verbruggen (not verified):

Who was the technical partner?

Webmaster VT4 (not verified):

Our hardware has been setup by our own IT man, our hosting is done by Telindus.

Drupal work has been done by Calibrate (from the Cronos group). We now have an awesome Calibrate guy who is gonna do the VIJFtv website together with us.

Eric Pieters (not verified):

Also VTM and VRT are using Drupal for (some of) their websites.