One of the things we're building at Acquia is a Drupal technical support center where customers can call for help with Drupal questions. We're busy setting up a phone system, a bug tracker, a customer tracking application, a knowledge base and more. We already have some great technical support people on board, but we're looking for more Drupal talent to staff our support center.

Specifically, we're looking for people that have the rare combination of mad Drupal skills (both Drupal configuration and Drupal development), a diagnostic mind, and what we call, the support DNA. Do you have what it takes and do you want to learn how to build a support center from scratch? Apply here.

Or be the first to refer someone who makes the cut, and we'll gladly mail you a check for $1,000 USD to $2,500 USD depending on the situation. See our technical support job page for details on our bounty program.


Ben (not verified):

A Drupal technical support center will be extremely valuable. I'm interested in the knowledge base you are setting up, will it be publicly accessible? If its well integrated with your CRM and bug tracker etc. I would imagine it wouldn't be. But collecting and organizing the wealth of public Drupal support already available would be a wonderful resource to share.